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CSS Support

WebF implements it owner layout system based on Flutter's rendering systems and provides you the essential CSS abilities to build your apps with your existing CSS acknowledges.


The CSS support in WebF is still under heavy development. It requires more developer and times to getting involved to become compatible with popular CSS UI libraries like tailwindcss or others. If you encounter layout issues when using UI libraries, try to report the issue to us and implement your layout without using the UI libraries.

To gain a clear understanding of which CSS properties and methods can be used in WebF. We can divide the CSS into the follow categories:

  1. Using CSS in HTML and JavaScript
  2. CSS Selectors
  3. CSS cascade and inheritance
  4. Styling Text and Fonts
  5. The Box Model
  6. Overflow and scrolling
  7. Value and Units
  8. Sizing Items
  9. Box Shadow and Filters
  10. Box Shadow and Filters
  11. Flow Layout
  12. Flex layout
  13. Background and Borders
  14. Positioning

Unsupported CSS features currently

  1. CSS Cascade layers
  2. Floats layout
  3. Table
  4. Grid Layout
  5. Setting Text directions
  6. Multiple Column layout