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Build Flutter Apps with HTML/CSS and JavaScript

Backward compatible with web browsers

WebF provides a subset of the W3C/WHATWG standard HTML/CSS and ECMAScript 2020 JavaScript support. WebF gives you the DOM API, Window, Document, and other Web APIs, and yields the same results and behavior as web browsers.

High Performance

Execute bytecode with optimized QuickJS engine, and render HTML/CSS in the same context as Flutter apps, saving 50% load times compared to WebView.

Enhance your web with client-side technologies

Embed anything supported by Flutter in WebF: combine pre-trained AI models with web apps, use hardware-accelerated video players, or integrate Unity game engines with AR/VR/MR apps in your web pages at full speed.

Smaller Bundle Size

WebF only takes up 4-5 MB of disk space if you already have Flutter integrated.

One Runtime for All Platforms

All HTML/CSS and JavaScript support is self-contained. All of your UI is rendered by Flutter, giving you 100% consistency across mobile and desktop platforms with no external WebView required, thereby eliminating concerns about browser compatibility

Inspect your WebF apps with Chrome Inspector

Utilize your favorite web frameworks, build tools, and Chrome DevTools to develop, debug, and deploy your apps.


Native User experience

Seamlessly integrate Flutter navigation with the web history API or add pull-to-refresh gestures to your web apps. This makes your WebF more like native apps, not just a web app.